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Our Services

Our core business includes Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Software and Systems Engineering and Industrial Engineering operations. We possess the capability and capacity as an Onshore and Offshore Industrial Service Provider in Project Management, Design and Construction, Maintenance, Refurbishment, Inspection and Repairs, Engineering, Commissioning and Start-Up.

We continuously add assets to be self-reliant for executing small, medium and large Onshore and Offshore contracts.

Supply Solutions Limited has since expanded its Core and Non-Core capability and services through its strategic partnerships to include the following:

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  • Software and Systems Engineering;

  • Repairs to Exterior and Interior of Commercial Passenger and Offshore Vessels;

  • Design, Construction and Outfitting of Industrial and Commercial Buildings.

  • Electrical Systems Installation, Commissioning and Start-up.

  • Design and Construction of Ports, Jetties and Offshore Structures.

  • Installation of LV, MV, I&C, MCC, BBT Transformers, Switchgear Cabinet, Commissioning, and Start-up.

  • Installation of Air Handling Units & Fresh Air Handling Units / Commercial HVAC System.

  • Fire Alarm and Fire Suppression Systems Installation, Commissioning and Start-up;

  • Specialized Welding and Fabrication Services

  • Plumbing Services

  • Process Plant Turnaround

  • Offshore and Onshore Platform Construction and Maintenance.

  • Communication and Network Systems Installation;

  • Industrial Pipe Treatment

  • UHP Hydro Blasting and Painting Works.

  • Industrial, Commercial and Residential Construction.

  • Structural / Specialized Fabrication and Welding.

  • Scaffolding.

  • Sand Blasting and Painting.

  • Specialist Protective Coatings.

  • Heater and Broiler Design, Construction, Commissioning & Repairs.

  • Plant / Facility Upgrade and Maintenance.

  • Tank Design, Construction, Commissioning & Repairs, Tank-Isolation, Venting & Cleaning.

  • HAZMAT response, Clean up, Treatment and Disposal.

  • Oil Spill Response, Clean up, Treatment and Disposal.

  • Labour Supply and Services for both Onshore and Offshore.


Supply Solutions Limited ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, and STOW TT Safety Management System applies to all processes, activities, and employees at our main location and our diverse Client locations, as our contracts are dynamic and uniquely designed day-rate contracts, time and material contracts, unit price contracts, cost plus contracts and or lump-sum contracts.

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