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Who are we?

Supply Solutions Limited

Engineering Consultants, Designers & Contractors

● Civil Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Structural Engineering
Software & Systems Engineering

Our Vision

To keep progressing as a world-class industry leader in our field, one that will allow us to be an employer of choice for our people, our clients, and a company of choice for our stakeholders.
Our vision extends to attain a position that will enable us to utilize our acquired knowledge, skills, and experience while offering an opportunity for growth and advancement.
We are to achieve this by understanding and meeting the needs and expectations of our clients, be it small, medium, and or large, with an emphasis on the use of the latest technologies, coupled with subject matter experts with adequate and appropriate mind-sets and skill-sets, and adherence to strict safety and quality practices as stated in our company policies. 

Our Mission

To continue to be a highly efficient, effective, and responsive Engineering Consultants, Designers & Contracting Company that serves the Offshore and Onshore industries by creating sustainable values for our Clients and Stakeholders.
To propel our realization SSL will:

Our Objectives

To continue our trend in becoming the leading provider in the diverse areas of Engineering within the Onshore and offshore industry. We see ourselves as a provider of these services, by proposing emphasis on the exploitation of cutting-edge technologies, and piety to austere safety and quality systems as asserted in our company policies.
Our Key to success are based on the following;
  1. Continuous update of Safety and Quality practices to eliminate loss of person-hours, plant, machinery, and equipment.

  2. Strict adherence to budgets and variance analysis to maximize profitability.

  3. Seeking out new markets and or contracts to diversify cash flows.

  4. The efficient and effective exploitation of our contacts within the industry provides a complete service to our clients by being able to source items or materials as needed.

Competitive Comparison

The only way we can hope to differentiate well from our competitors is to define the company's vision to be a close ally to our clients to increase productivity, reducing downtime whilst maintaining quality and safe working environments.

Company Strengths
  • Our Chief Engineering Disciplines (Subject Matter Experts) have years of experience in all aspects of control and management of projects within the Onshore and Offshore industries.

  • Strong quality and safety record due to our commitment to appropriate industry standards.

Strong Team

We only employ staff who have an attitude that reflects the culture of SSL. That is, a tight knit group who work together to perform the work at hand. We are dedicated, skilled and motivated to provide the best service for our Clients and our Company.

Safety At Work
Positive Attitude

​We encourage a healthy, positive work environment. We believe that facilitating a work environment with happy, healthy staff is paramount to an effective and successful workplace.

​Punctuality and Honesty

Our Staff is punctual, honest and responsible. They are expected to provide the highest level of service to all Clients and uphold the Company's integrity.

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  • Prevent accidents and injuries by eliminating incidents;

  • Contribute to the financial and social interests of the societies in which we operate;

  • Plan and maneuver sustainably with a goal of marginal environmental impact;

  • Afford a reverential and accommodating place of work that encompasses diversity;

  • Unremittingly advance our management systems that control our primary business practices;

  • Shape and continue to uphold a portfolio of quality and safety qualities and infrastructure.

Our Values

Client and Customers Relationships
We invest time to understand our Clients' and Customers' needs and expectation, intending to foster longstanding mutual relations. Consequently, SSL will deliver uniquely designed safe and proactive solutions that dispense outside our Clients' and Customers' needs and expectation.
We will provide a workplace built on trust, cooperation, respect for Customers, Stakeholders, Employees, Service Partners, and the General Public since our people care about their safety and the safety of those around them.
Client and Customers Relationships
We will continue to share knowledge, resources, and services across our business. Ensure quality and safety commitment & performance by offering technically leading solutions to work collectively as one team to realize our common goals.
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​Our staff is courteous, respectful, and professional. They are expected to wear the PPE and uniform provided to them and undergo training in quality and safety and proper equipment use.

  • TRAINING - First Party and Third Party Training for new workers within both Offshore and Onshore Industry.

  • SCREENING - Screening process through our ability to use Contract Labour on our Projects.

  • COMPETITION - Greater performance through competition for allocations; this brings the best performance out.

  • VALUES - Our Core Values and Expectations are communicated to all workers throughout the company.

  • PROFESSIONAL - All workers are supplied with full PPE kits and SSL uniforms.

  • SAFETY - All allocations come with SWMS, Inductions, and site safety inspections taking place.

  • COMMUNICATION - Dedicated Financial Officer taking care of all requests and any issues.

  • CAREER PATHWAY - Ongoing fieldworker development through internal and external audits, assessments, performance evaluations, and performance appraisals.

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Our Operations Process

Clients Requests Labour

The first step of the operations process is a Client requests skilled labor, equipment, machinery, or service.

Operations Manager Contacts Client

We assess all requirements needed for the project and select our best team members available:

  • Individual assigned based on skill, competency, or induction

  • Email order confirmation

  • Allocation sent to a field worker

Order Allocation

We asses all requirements needed for the project and select our best team members available:

  • Individual assigned based on skill, competency or induction

  • Email order confirmation

  • Allocation sent to field worker

Recruitment Process

Here at SSL, we are always looking for ways to improve our recruitment process for Labour Hire. We continually adapt to the latest market trends and are always looking for new ways to stream-line our process.

Post Supply

After each and every supply of labour our financial officer will make contact or complete a site visit to get feedback on how our team, and or how our members have performed, this allows us to keep and maintain a high standard of quality labour:

  • Quality Feedback

  • Operations Manager oversite

  • Financial Officer communication

  • Monthly Labour claim

Labour Supplied

All our team members are supplied with full PPE, uniform and we ensure they are wearing full PPE at all times by conducting regular site visits:

  • Full PPE & Uniform

  • On site induction with SSL representative and Client

  • Punctual & Reliable

Position Advertising

The first step in our recruitment process is to advertise through various different channels:

  • Online Advertising

  • Paper Publications

  • Walk-ins

  • Referral

Initial Contact

Our HR department will make the initial contact with the candidate and perform a number of checks and conduct an interview over the phone.

  • Phone Interview

  • Reference Checks

  • Skills & Ability Assessment

Saftey Induction

Once candidates have been successfully screened during our initial contact, they are booked in for our in-house induction, where they participate in our Company health & safety induction. In addition, a mandatory request of a police certificate of good character / background checks and drug tests are carried out.

  • Work Health & Safety

  • Company Policies

  • Roles & Responsibilities

  • Employment Contract Signed

  • Police background checks

  • Drug tests

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